Radiation therapy has, for more than 100 years, been an established modality for the treatment of not just cancer patients but also the treatment of painful conditions especially chronic inflammatory diseases.


Our goal is helping patients suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases, metabolic disorders, trauma, degenerative diseases, joint pain and others. Using non-invasive low-dose radiation pain can successfully be relieved in more than 80% of the cases with no relevant risk or side effects, especially after other conservative treatment modalities have failed.


Patients usually receive 4 to 6 sessions of low-dose radiation with 2 to 3 weeks with a follow up control of the response usually 3 months after starting treatment. In the minority of cases with persistent pain the treatment sessions could be repeated.

Behandlung einer Hand in der Strahlentherapie Praxis
Wartezimmer der Strahlentherapie Praxis in Liederbach
Skyline Frankfurt


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